The Dance Diva Pageant is a female dance competition designed to empower dancers to affect their communities for positive change.
Our pageant is designed to showcase strong dancing and provide support and reward for female dancers in our community.
We also use our pageant as a means to change the way people see women in performing arts and how the women see themselves.
The first edition of the Dance Diva Pageant was held on the 12th of December 2021 and produced Gracious Wisdom as Winner.

Pageant stages

Each contestant goes through 3 rounds.
Round 1 -A solo dance performance. Displaying dance ability. (Max 2mins)
Round 2 – The contestants will present a speech on the project they will like to use their dance to promote. (Speech can be in any language. A translator is needed if you’re not speaking in English).
Round 3 – The contestant will do a performance portraying her presentation in round 2 ( she
will be allowed to dance in a group if she wants to but she must point the performance.)

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